Community Nazarene has had a difficult past.

 Once a beautiful, vibrant holiness campground which housed evangelists, missionaries,
children and friends, Community Nazarene was shut down for lack of available leadership,
funding and support.

Many in the community reminisce about the days of old when
the tabernacle would be packed and people would line the streets in their cars
to sit, listen and be part of revival and song. Adults tell of when they
were sent here, as children, for bible camp and how much fun it was.

For the past 3 years we have been blessed to have many wonderful volunteers come and work towards full restoration of our facilities. We have come a long way and yet still stand in need of more work. 
 Please pray that God would provide the answers to all the needs to make this happen.

There is a photo album under the photo album tab that has just a few pictures of how great the need was and still is. There are pictures in the photo albums of many of the helpers who gave of their time, skill, energy and finances to make many needed repairs and restoration. We thank God and everyone of you for your willingness and support.

Anyone wishing to help or donate please contact Pastor Mary Jimenez at 505-620-0715