From the Pastor's Desk Image
I envision a church that never hesitates to open its doors to the downtrodden, poor, tired,
confused and lost. The church is a sanctuary for those who need grace, love,
rest and refreshing. That describes every one of us, brothers and sisters, not
only the lost. We live in a busy and tired world, a frightened world, a
confused world, a world full of despair. I dream of shepherding a group of
people who understand that we need to love others. God’s love is not complete
in us until we give it away and it is my belief that we are not only to give
that love away to our brothers and sisters in Christ but that love grows even
sweeter when we give it away to those who least expect it. To those who have
been abused, to those who have been marginalized by society and treated as
second class citizens to those who have never known Christian love, unconditional
love and to those who have become disillusioned by the church. I envision a
church that will open its arms and embrace each and every soul that walks
through the doors ………..And those that do not.

I envision a church that will reach out to the community, that will provide grace for the
hurting, food for the hungry, clothing for the naked and unconditional love to
those in need; those whose feet have never crossed the threshold of a church
building.I have no doubt that God has plans for Bloxom Community Church of the Nazarene and I am praying He will lead the way, provide the workers, provide the means and be glorified in the process.

I dream of a church that teaches, there is so much to learn! Teaching disciples to have a
deeper walk with the Lord makes life so much more meaningful. And not only
teaching the word or spiritual formation but any manner of subjects, art,
history, fishing, music, crafts, all subjects with a biblical perspective.

And the youth! The youth in our society are so confused. I can envision our property as
a refuge for teens. Movie nights, concerts and youth revivals in the
tabernacle. A Caravan program, Christian scouting, of sorts, for the children
and teens. I envision a visitation ministry where Christ’s love is taken to
those who cannot leave their homes and those who are sick. A prayer ministry,
special nights of prayer
and praise, oh, my friends, the possibilities are endless!

I would love to hear of your dreams and visions, as well, and we can take all of those
dreams and visions to the Lord in prayer to see how He leads. Together, we can do
this. I have spoken of my visions and dreams but the church is not just me, it
is the body of Christ, all of us together, envisioning, imagining, seeking and
praying for God’s guidance and God’s direction for the future of the Bloxom
Community Church of the Nazarene. God has the final say and the final plans and
my goal is to be open to whatever He lays on our hearts.
Much Love,
Pastor Mary